Meet the Partnerships Team

Funding Circle, the UK’s leading small business loans platform has recently expanded its partnerships team in order to provide even more support to our registered partners and their clients.

In 2018 the partnerships team helped facilitate £45 million worth of lending. As a result, they helped unlock 1,840 new jobs in UK communities and boost the UK economy by £110 million last year alone.

So who are the faces behind the magic? 

Dan Sinclair Taylor is the Head of Partnerships and looks after all strategic and referral partners in the UK. Dan studied at Oxford University before starting his career as a lawyer at a Magic Circle law firm where he practised banking and litigation for 5 years. He then moved into legal recruitment before joining Funding Circle in February 2015.

Jessie Northern is our Regional Partners Executive for the South East. She joined Funding Circle in the Investor Support Team in 2017, gaining invaluable experience and expert knowledge. She then moved into the Sales department as an Account Manager in the Partnerships team and then got promoted to Regional Partnerships Executive shortly after.

Craig Jackson is our Regional Partnerships Manager, looking after the South West region. He joined Funding Circle in March 2015 after heading up the Southern Region for Barclays in their start up division. Craig joined us to help launch the Partnerships team and has helped fund over £40m in 4 years.

Fran Warrington is our Regional Partnerships Manager, specialising in relationships in the South East. Fran is relatively new to Funding Circle but is making a big impact. She has already onboarded numerous partners since joining in December 2018. Fran has previously worked in commercial client facing roles including Google, Start-Up Direct and Gartner. 

Ed Butler is Regional Partnerships Manager, looking after the Midlands region. He works with a wide range of partners including accountants, business coaches and bank managers. Prior to joining Funding Circle in 2017, Ed worked as a Management Accountant in Industry for 9 years, before moving into financial recruitment where he spent 9 years placing Finance Directors and Controllers into businesses.

Silvia De Almeida is our Regional Partners Executive for the Midlands and South West regions. Prior to joining Funding Circle, Silvia worked in Business Development for a large UK hospitality brand, leading their international expansion. This allowed her to work in four different countries throughout her career, including Germany and China. 

James Kind is Regional Partnership Manager, covering the North of England, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Prior to joining Funding Circle in 2017, James worked at NatWest in SME banking for 6 years before leading their strategy for franchise businesses. He also obtained Chartered Banker Status, studying alongside his full-time role. James has helped facilitate over £18m of lending since joining.

Ellie Walker-Smith is one of our most recent recruits to the partnerships team in the North. Prior to Funding Circle she worked as an Account Manager at Wesleyan bank, specialising in asset finance and for a specialist finance brokerage based in Manchester. Ellie joined Funding Circle in 2019 as a Regional Partnerships Executive in the North.

Phil Thomas is our dedicated Inbound Partnerships Executive. Prior to starting at Funding Circle, Phil’s experience was heavily focused around sales and customer service with roles within retail and the sports industry. He started working at Funding Circle on the direct sales side in August 2018. Through this role he has helped new and existing borrowers with their enquiries. He took on his new role within the partnerships team earlier in the year, utilising all his skills and acting as the first point of contact for our new partners. 

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The impact of our introducer community

2018 was another incredible year at Funding Circle. For our customers, investors and all our registered introducers. As the banks continued to shy away from SME lending, Funding Circle provided the necessary support that small business owners needed to prosper. Through our platform, we helped our customers unlock 72,000 jobs and contribute over £4 billion to the UK economy.

Our introducer community and the relationships we have with them played an integral part in this. 2018 was a record breaking year for the broker team. Our introducers managed to lend £385 million through the Funding Circle platform, with over 8,700 loans outstanding at the end of the year. However, the figures go much further than this. As a result of the hard work of our broker community, they managed to help boost the UK economy by £1.2 billion and generate £288 million in taxes. 

What’s even more important is the effect this hard work has on real people. For every £1 million lent through the Funding Circle platform there are 37 new jobs unlocked. This means that in 2018 alone, our network of introducers helped to create and sustain 20,000 jobs in UK communities across the country. 

This is something that all our introducers should be proud of. You have made a huge contribution to the UK economy, given employment to thousands and helped the UK taxpayer, all as a result of introducing business through our platform.

At Funding Circle we recognise the importance SMEs play in the economy but we also recognise the importance of introducer relationships in reaching these fantastic achievements. We will continue to need your help as we get closer to our mission of building a better financial world. So from all of us at Funding Circle, we want to say thank you.

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Projected returns quarterly update – July 2019

At Funding Circle, our aim is to allow you to earn attractive, stable returns by lending to a diversified portfolio of creditworthy businesses. As part of this commitment, we regularly review our projected returns based on our assessment process, the interest rates at which you lend to businesses and the performance of loans.

Taking into account these factors and the mix of businesses in each lending option, following our most recent review we are making no change to the projected returns for either lending option.

What are the projected returns?

The projected returns are a forward looking estimate for loans added to your portfolio, and do not affect loans you already hold. As a result of our review, the projected returns for our Balanced and Conservative lending options are not changing. They will continue to be:

Balanced: 4.5% to 6.5%

Conservative: 4.3% to 4.7%

You can see more information on how the projected return is calculated here.

What other factors can affect your return?

It’s important to understand that your actual return may be higher or lower than the projected return shown for your chosen lending option. This can be caused by factors such as:

  • Actual performance may be higher or lower than projected – for example, more businesses may be unable to repay their loans if macroeconomic conditions were to change, such as during an economic downturn. In addition, the individual businesses you lend to may perform better or worse than projected.
  • The number of businesses you lend to – as you are lending to your own individual portfolio of loans, not everyone will earn the same projected return. The return you achieve depends on the loans your funds are matched with, and the more businesses you lend to the better our lending tool will be at matching your funds to achieve the projected returns shown. Lending to more businesses also helps you earn a more stable return by reducing the impact of bad debt.
  • Your actual return is likely to change over time – the projected return is the annual return you could earn once all loans have repaid and recoveries have been received from defaulted loans. Bad debts do not typically occur evenly over the life of a group of loans, and it often takes time for recoveries to be made on defaulted loans. This means your return is likely to change over time. You can read more about this here.

Will this affect the businesses you lend to?

These projected returns will affect your lending going forward, and do not affect any loans you already hold. We will review and if necessary, update the projected returns every three months. We display projected returns for the past five years of loans on our statistics page, and update these every three months.

You do not need to do anything and, by having lending switched on, you will continue to lend to businesses automatically. As always, you can change your lending option or pause lending via the lending settings page of your account.

If you have any questions about today’s news, please get in touch.

Remember, by lending to businesses your capital is at risk and is not covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

The Funding Circle team