Introducing an improved and simplified Summary page

At Funding Circle, we want you to have a clear and simple view of your portfolio. As part of this, we have redesigned your Summary page and are excited to announce this is now live.

We have redesigned the Summary page to provide a snapshot of your account, with more detailed information easily available. The video guide below provides an overview of how you can navigate around the new pages to access all the information you need.


Providing a clear view of how your account is performing

Previously, we showed investors three different returns: gross yield, an annualised net return and an estimated fully diversified return. We have received feedback that showing three returns can be confusing, so to make this simpler you will now only see one return in your account, an annualised return.

The annualised return represents how your account is currently performing and is calculated after fees and bad debt. This links directly to your investment earnings and will help you to evaluate how your account has performed since you started lending through Funding Circle. The return is calculated in the same way as the previous annualised net return.

It’s worth remembering that your annualised return will change over time. Data at Funding Circle shows bad debt rarely occurs evenly over an investment period, and is typically concentrated during certain periods of a loan’s life. This means returns generally will dip, then begin to increase as recoveries arrive. You can read more about how returns change over time on our blog.

We have withdrawn the accrued interest figure

Your accrued interest is the interest that has built up, but not yet been paid, since the last payment by a borrower. As this is not money that has been actually received, this figure has now been withdrawn to provide a simpler view of your portfolio total. It is still possible to view the amount of interest due for each loan part via your repayment schedule.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us. Remember, by lending to businesses your capital is at risk.

The Funding Circle team

Rob McCorquodale