Your autumn review

By lending through Funding Circle you make a huge difference to businesses throughout the UK. With your help they’re able to grow, create jobs, develop new products and support local communities. Thank you for your continued support – you’re helping drive the UK economy forward! Read on to find out more in your spring review. 

Autumn review – lending figures

Between July-Sept 2018 you and other investors helped thousands more businesses get the finance they need to thrive.

Spring review - lending figure

*In July-Sept 2018, new loans made through Funding Circle helped unlock 3,540 jobs across the UK.

July-Sept sector breakdown

The industries you have been lending to:

Industry breakdown


July-Sept 2018 regional breakdown

Your lending has been helping every region throughout the UK: 

Regional breakdown

More on your impact

For more detail on how your lending is helping businesses throughout the UK, check out our blog on how you’re helping the economy grow, or you can sign in to your account to add funds

By lending to businesses your capital is at risk.

Enjoy lending!

The Funding Circle team

Rob McCorquodale