A helping hand to small businesses. December industry news.

Peer-to-peer lender shows how it’s done – Evening Standard

Happy new year! To date, you and other investors have helped a network of 40,000 businesses access $5 billion of finance globally, which has created an estimated 100,000 new jobs. This growth also saw Funding Circle become the first lending platform in the world to have facilitated more than $1 billion across two markets. None of this would have been possible without your continued support over the years, so thank you!

Brighton named ‘most enterprising’ UK city – Brighton and Hove Independent

To better understand the mentality of small business owners, we recently launched a survey which found that more people living in Brighton (64%) believe they have the right skills to set up a business than anywhere else in the UK. Christine Johnston, Brighton-based founder of The KiTE, SURF & SUP Co and Funding Circle borrower, said: “These results reveal what those of us who have set up businesses in Brighton have known for years. It’s not just the infrastructure that makes Brighton such an appealing place to start a business, it’s the type of people that gravitate towards the city and the culture that’s been created as a result.”

A helping hand for small businesses – MoneyWeek

Even a decade after the credit crunch, too many British small businesses still feel their potential is being hindered by a lack of access to suitable finance. Raising awareness of other avenues of finance available, such as borrowing directly from investors through lending platforms, is crucial for their development. When small businesses flourish, thrive and go even further, so does our economy. Read more about how the online lending sector is lending a helping hand to small businesses in the Independent.

The UK’s ‘alternative finance’ industry is now worth £4.6 billion – Business Insider

In 2017 alone, the UK’s alternative finance industry generated £3.3 billion of funding and grew by 43% from the previous year, according to a report from the Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance. Of that funding, a whopping three-quarters went to start-ups and small businesses across the country, which is a 50% increase from 2015. It’s hugely encouraging to see that as the adoption of the sector continues to grow, more and more business owners and investors benefiting as a result.  

A brave new world: will open banking boost the UK FinTech sector? – Forbes

As some of you may know, Open Banking was designed to enable bank customers to authorise third parties, such as challenger FinTech players, to access their account details in order to create more competition and choice in financial services. Not only will this allow individuals to choose where they bank more easily, but it will also incentivise developers to create innovative apps from the new data streams, such as dashboards that list all your financial products in one handy place. Whilst the full potential of Open Banking is still unknown, it’s clear that it has the power to completely transform the way we bank.

Players who swapped the bit parts for starring roles – The Times

And lastly, to finish up the final industry news roundup of 2017, we were pleased to see our CEO and co-founder Samir Desai be named as one of The Times’ Ones to Watch for 2018. At Funding Circle, we’ve never been more excited to see what the future will bring, and we hope that you will continue on this journey with us. Together we’re creating jobs, supporting local communities and driving the economy forward. Here’s to a fantastic 2018!


Kendra Bruckner