How to have Christmas in Lapland in 2022

Christmas is all about tradition. From turkey and cracker jokes to arguing over who gets to be the boot in monopoly, every family has their own. While we all love our favourites, what if one year you did something different? Treat the family to a Christmas they’ll never forget.

Make regular contributions to your Funding Circle account and you could be going to Lapland to meet Santa and Rudolph in their own back yard.


According to the Bank of England, a typical household spends over £500 extra in December, so even modest savings can make a difference. With a little planning you won’t need to get anywhere near your credit card. Contribute regularly for a longer period, and you could have the Christmas of a lifetime in a few years.

In just 5 years you could have:

Christmas in a country house

Fancy hosting your own Downton Christmas special? Put away £20 a month and you could have £4,312.57 – enough to rent a country house for your extended family. You could even hire caterers so you can sit back and relax.

Christmas in Lapland

Put aside £100 a month and you could have £10,077.80. That’s enough to treat the whole family with a trip to Lapland! Meet Father Christmas and ride a reindeer-led sleigh under the starlit sky. It will be a Christmas they’ll never forget.

Christmas in Australia

Want to swap your hat and scarves for flip-flops and swimming shorts? Transfer £200 a month and you could have £17,284.33, enough to take the family for a dream Christmas holiday in Australia. Have a beach BBQ on Christmas day, soak up the sunshine, and maybe even watch a winter Ashes series (from behind the sofa).

These figures are estimates based on lending an initial £2,000 deposit through the Balanced lending option, and regular transfers for 60 months. Please note, forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future performance and your capital is at risk.  

By keeping lending active on your account over several years, you’ll see the increasing benefit of compound returns as your repayments are continually lent out again. If you add in a little extra each month it accelerates this process even more, helping to maximise your earning potential. To get started, follow these 3 simple steps to set up your standing order today.

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The Funding Circle team

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Eloise Austerberry

Marketing Executive