Earning for your retirement. October industry news

Peer to peer: Can you really get returns of 10%? – Moneywise

In a world of stagnant interest rates, peer-to-peer or direct lending platforms are offering people the opportunity to lend directly to borrowers so they can benefit from more of the return. By using a platform as a middleman, investors can enjoy more attractive returns, and businesses typically benefit from lower rates. In this piece, Moneywise interviewed a handful of investors to discuss their experiences across various platforms. Funding Circle investor Alison said, “…even if bad debts increased I still think I’d be earning more than going somewhere on the high street. I feel very comfortable with the risk I’m taking.” As you know, when you lend your capital it at risk.

6 steps you can take in your 20s to help you retire before 60 – Forbes

Retirement might not be on your mind just yet, but it’s never too early to start planning to ensure that you’re in the best financial position possible when the time comes. There are many different ways to start preparing yourself – big and small – depending on what you want to achieve, such as keeping better track of your spending or investing your spare cash. Simon Read, a personal finance expert, took an in-depth look into the topic and outlined some tips and tricks to take into consideration. Have a read on our blog.

How to start a business for next to nothing: Seven steps to getting your idea off the ground – Daily Mail

We all know that getting your business off the ground can be difficult, which is why the satisfaction and reward you feel once it begins to grow is that much sweeter. From managing growing pains and finding the right office space, to knowing when it’s the right time to take out a loan, every business owner is bound to face some hurdles along the way. In this article, learn how to tackle these challenges head-on and get back to doing what you do best: running your thriving business.  

This £4 billion problem stunting small business growth – City AM

When an exciting opportunity presents itself that has the potential to take your business to its next stage of growth, being able to get the right financial support is crucial. Every year, tens of thousands of small businesses struggle to access finance from the banks, according to figures from the British Business Bank. The rise of alternative funding sources, such as direct lending platforms, have given business owners much more choice and control over their development. With access to fast, fair and personalised finance that takes just days, more and more businesses are able to go even further.

London’s most influential entrepreneurs 2017 – Evening Standard

And finally, we’re pleased to see our co-founder Samir listed as one of London’s most influential entrepreneurs in 2017, alongside many other bright and motivated individuals. It remains evident that despite the backdrop of uncertainty caused by Brexit, London continues to be an attractive place to start and grow a business. In a recent case study, we spoke to Tom and Sian, founders of Bobbin Bikes, to learn about how their London-based bicycle business is on the road to success.


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