Your July Impact – Lending Impact and Borrower Stories

In this month’s post find out how your lending has helped businesses across the UK achieve their goals. First up, meet our very first Funding Circle borrower, Sustainable Direction, to hear about their latest project on the Isle of Alderney. Then, whizz to beautiful Brighton to learn how your lending helped Christine Johnston take her business, Kite, Surf & Sup Co, to the next level.

In case you missed it, here’s last month’s post, when South East Timber & Damp told us how accessing finance in just 10 days revolutionised their business back in 2015, and we met Amy Cunnington, owner of The Strings Club, who borrowed to keep up with demand for her award-winning music courses.

Dr. John Henry Looney is passionate about helping the world do more with less

Last month, Funding Circle co-founder and UK Managing Director James Meekings visited John Henry to see how his business, Sustainable Direction Ltd, had developed since taking out their first Funding Circle loan back in August 2010.

Dr. John Henry Looney from Sustainable Direction

With a Ph.D. in Physiological, Community and Statistical Ecology, John Henry has over 30 years’ experience in delivering environmental and sustainability projects for businesses and organisations. Sustainable Direction Ltd helps businesses work with the natural world in order to increase their sustainability, efficiency and ultimately their prosperity. Watch what happened when John met James in this short video.

Did you help Christine take her business to the next level?

Meet Christine Johnston, founder of Kite, Surf & Sup Co, a successful British kitesurf school and online shop in Brighton. Former windsurfing World Champion, Christine has kite surfed for nine years and holds eight national titles.

Christine Johnston, founder of Kite, Surf & Sup Co

After years of working long hours in an office, Christine knew this way of life wasn’t for her, so in 2014 she followed her dream and founded Kite, Surf & Sup Co. Two years later, the company was awarded British Kitesports Recognised School status – the highest level a kite school can reach – giving testament to the high-quality lessons that Christine and her team offer.

To upgrade the website, launch an online marketing campaign and purchase additional stock, Christine took out a loan in March 2017. Asked about her Funding Circle experience, Christine said, “The customer service I received was excellent and within a week the funds were in my account.”

Watch this space for a video about Christine and her amazing business coming soon!

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At the beginning of August, we’ll be publishing ‘Your August Review – Insight and Analysis’ which will focus on the numbers and include some helpful tips to help you make the most of your investment.

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Enjoy lending, the Funding Circle team.

Jack Pritchett

Senior Communications Manager