Your June Impact – Lending Impact and Borrower Stories

june investor impact
This month we’re looking at some of the success stories from recent borrowers and how your lending has helped them achieve their goals, from South East Timber & Damp to The Strings Club. Dive in below to find out more.

In case you missed last month’s post, we interviewed The Naked Marshmallow Company, and got ready for festival season with 5 camping essentials from Funding Circle borrowers.

You and other investors have now helped more than 25,000 UK businesses access finance to grow and create much needed jobs.

When it comes to driving the UK economy forward these small businesses pack a pretty impressive punch. According to FSB statistics SMEs make up 60% of all private sector employment and 47% of all private sector turnover in the UK.


Annabel and deanTo help cover their staff’s wages for two months, husband and wife team Annabelle and Dean Webster borrowed £30,000 in August 2015. They’d approached a bank first but found the application process slow and cumbersome as they needed finance fast, so they did some research and came across Funding Circle. Ten days later, the couple had secured a cash injection for their business. “It’s been a lifesaver,” said Annabelle. The couple run Kent based damp specialists South East Timber & Damp. Read the full success story in The Times.

Strings Club
Award-winning musical education company, The Strings Club, offers children aged 4-11 a range of high-quality musical experiences. Founder Amy Cunnington launched the business in 2012 with the aim to give primary school children an opportunity to discover and engage with music. Their ethos is simple: for all children to be inspired by music.

kids music

The very first Strings Club took place in London with just 6 budding students. After, a parent asked, “When’s the next one?” Since then, The Strings Club has gone from strength-to-strength and Amy has remained devoted to creating musical experiences for children.

Due to the rising popularity of courses and lessons, Amy needed help keeping up with demand. Choosing Funding Circle for support, Amy said, “The loans allowed me to expand my business, hire new staff, buy more equipment and launch a marketing campaign. Overall, the experience was very efficient and very helpful.”

We’ll be visiting Amy and the team soon to film a case study video – stay tuned.

Dream wedding
We’re well into wedding season and whether you’re organising your own or supporting family or friends with theirs we’ve put together a list of 7 unique businesses to help you get ready for the big day, from finding the perfect dress to finding the right venue.

Up next

At the beginning of July, we’ll be publishing ‘Your July Review – Insight and Analysis’ which will focus on the numbers and include some helpful tips to help you make the most of your investment.

As always, if you have any questions or comments our dedicated team are here to help. And if you have any further suggestions we’d love to hear them.

Enjoy lending, the Funding Circle team

7 steps to planning your dream wedding

We’re well into wedding season and according to a recent study, the popularity of marriage in the UK is back on the rise after nearly 40 years of decline. So if you’ve got your special day in the diary, our 7-step checklist will help you plan the wedding of your dreams.

From finding the perfect dress to booking your ideal honeymoon, the unique businesses below will support you along your journey – just like your investments have supported their growth!

1. Choose the perfect dress

According to a recent survey, 74% of women are now choosing an ivory dress instead of the traditional white. This could be something to think about at your dress fitting at Froufrou Bridal, an award-winning boutique in Tunbridge Wells, Kent. Founded with the aim to escape the boundaries of tradition, the bridal company will ensure that you leave with a dress that compliments your unique and original style. In order to furnish a new space, Froufrou Bridal borrowed finance from 255 investors in 2015.

Froufrou’s top wedding tip – get your guest list right
“It is very easy to get over excited and invite too many guests, or feel obliged to ask extended family who you may never otherwise see or speak to. It’s important to be realistic about who you invite. Weddings are a huge financial commitment and catering for your guests is what takes up at least 50% of your overall budget for the day. Be selective and keep it intimate.”

2. Find the right venue

On average, couples spend around 12 months planning their wedding. Finding the perfect location is pivotal for everything that follows, so it’s important to get it sorted early. Venues can book up quickly, so if you’re picturing an outdoor wedding, why not rent a marquee from Oakleaf Marquees and create your own celebration space? Get creative with fairy lights, flowers and decorations to create something truly special. After growing year-on-year, the family-run company in Dorset needed funds to keep building on their success, so have borrowed finance across three loans since 2014.

3. Decorate with flawless flowers

Brighten up any space with beautiful flowers from The Orange Pip, based in charming Somerset. Studies show that a popular wedding theme nowadays is rustic woodland, which includes soft yellow colours, pastel orange tones and earthy shades of green. We suggest displaying an arrangement on every table to create an exquisite atmosphere for your gathering. To help expand and take on more staff, the passionate team accessed finance through Funding Circle in November 2016.

4. Hire the right caterers

Our next step on the checklist is catering – arguably one of the most important staples at any celebration. A trend at the moment is gourmet grazing stations, so try filling tables with moreish canapes and nibbles. Figs Catering, a team of hugely talented chefs, offer a selection of tasty bowl food that would be perfect to include. You could even go for their delicious BBQ menu that is sure to be a winner with your guests. In order to refit their premises, the catering company borrowed £53,000 in March 2017.

5. Get bespoke sweet treats  

Findings from a recent poll show that more than one in five couples have started to think outside the box and choose cupcakes as their wedding cake. If that sounds like something for you, take a trip to The Chelsea Cake Shop, in Central London. With over 30 years of experience, the bakers produce cupcakes that taste just as good as they look – they’ll even design bespoke treats for your special occasion. To help renovate their shop, the cake shop used Funding Circle to access finance in January 2017.

6. Capture the moment

Make sure you hire a photographer to capture the moment with stunning photos. Eliza Claire is a leading vintage and alternative photographer in the UK, specialising in weddings. Her candid and fun photography comes straight from the heart and will allow you to cherish your special day with photographs that last forever. To help do a national wedding show, Eliza Claire borrowed through Funding Circle in September 2016. 

7. Embark on your dream honeymoon

Finally, after all of the excitement from your wedding, you’ll be ready to unwind and relax on your honeymoon. To help plan the perfect getaway, check out Oliver’s Travel for stunning holiday villa packages. Whether you want some time on the beach in Spain, or prefer the countryside in Ireland, Oliver’s Travel will make sure you don’t settle for anything less than exceptional. In order to branch out into Croatian villas, the company borrowed £200,000 in July 2016.

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Your June Review – Insight and Analysis

Your June Review
Summer has arrived, and it’s been another exciting month. We’ve been given full authorisation from the UK regulator, the Financial Conduct Authority – another step forward to offering industry-leading, tax-free returns with the Funding Circle ISA, which we plan to launch later this year. You can read the full story in this article.

Also included in this month’s post, personal finance expert Simon Read looks at what the record level of inflation in the UK could mean for you and what you can do about it. Dive in below.

May lending figures
Last month, you and other investors helped businesses to take new opportunities, create new jobs and drive energy into the UK economy — thank you for your continued support!

June review
Remember, your actual return may be higher or lower as your capital is at risk.

Monthly trends
These graphs show the most recent activity on the marketplace.

You’ve helped more than 8,500 small businesses access finance in the last 6 months…

June number of loans

Totalling over £610 million lent

June amount of loans

May 2017 sector breakdown

Amount lent to each sector

Business sectors

May 2017 regional breakdown

Amount lent to each UK region

June business regions

Making the most of your investment

May Industry News

The Times looks at a variety of different apps to help make your money work harder, from keeping track of your spending to monitoring investments. Read about this and more in our round-up of last month’s industry news.

What does rising inflation mean for your money?

With inflation in the UK at a four-year high, personal finance expert Simon Read looks at what this could mean for you and what you can do about it in his latest blog.

Loans defaulted last week
As part of lending to businesses, a small percentage will not be able to fully repay their loan. This is known as bad debt and is a normal part of business lending. We believe diversification, where you lend no more than 1% of your total to each business, is the best way to reduce the impact this has on your return. You can diversify automatically using our Autobid tool.

Each week, we publish a list of the loans being defaulted on the Customer support section of our website under ‘Announcements.’ To see a breakdown of the loans defaulted last week simply click on loans defaulted 1st June 2017.  For further information on why Funding Circle defaults loans you can read our FAQ here.

Collections and recoveries

How it works

You can also read more about how our collections and recoveries process works (part one and part two) on our blog.

Up next in June, we’ll be looking at the impact your lending is having on the UK economy and bringing to life some of the businesses you’ve helped access finance.

As always, if you have any questions or comments our dedicated team are here to help. And if you have any further suggestions we’d love to hear them.

Enjoy lending, the Funding Circle team

*The current estimated return is a weighted estimate of the annual return after fees and bad debts that investors could earn from lending money to businesses seeking loans today. It is calculated by taking the gross interest rate less fees and estimated bad debts that will occur in the future for each of the last 3000 loans accepted on the marketplace. The average return is weighted by loan amount, compounded and before tax. The return is updated daily. See the full calculation here.

This blog is a general summary, and should not replace financial advice tailored to your specific circumstances. Funding Circle is not authorised to, and does not, provide investment, tax, legal or regulatory advice. If you have any questions, please speak to your professional advisor or seek independent specialist advice.

We’re fully authorised! May industry news

Funding Circle wins approval from regulator in peer-to-peer boost – Financial Times

This month we’re very pleased to announce that Funding Circle has received full authorisation from the Financial Conduct Authority. Now that we’ve received authorisation, we look forward to being able to offer you industry-leading, tax-free returns with the Funding Circle ISA which we plan to launch later this tax year. Read the full story on our blog and press release. More coverage in Business Insider and City AM. Also, congratulations  to Zopa who recently received authorisation as well!

Financial technology is proving less of a battleground than feared – Economist

Ten years ago, financial technology began to positively disrupt the way customers use and access financial services. Ever since, we’ve seen an influx of tech companies blossom across the country, offering consumers better service, innovative products and more investment choices –  straight from their smartphones. Business owners also benefit from the ability to obtain fast, transparent finance to help grow their business from an array of investors willing to lend and support them.    

Change your finances with the best money apps – The Times

Speaking of financial control at your fingertips, this article looks at a variety of different apps to help make your money work harder. Advances in the FinTech sector have resulted in new products that can assist you in a number of ways, such as keeping track of your spending or monitoring your stocks and shares investments. To learn more about how to manage your finances, check out a recent blog post by Simon Read, a personal finance journalist, that looks at rising inflation and what it means for your money.

Fears grow for business funding after EU turns off tap – The Times

In other news, the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) and Funding Circle have been sharing ideas as to how the UK can ensure small businesses retain access to capital after we leave the EU. With over five million small businesses in the UK, it’s economically vital that the necessary support is in place to fuel their ability to thrive. The EU has provided billions in funding to businesses in the UK over the years, so this piece suggests that the British Business Bank could step in and fill the gap in post-Brexit Britain based on recommendations made by us and the FSB.

Entrepreneurs three times more likely to vote Tory than Labour – The Times

And finally, we wanted to make the voices of British businesses heard, so we asked thousands of business owners for their thoughts on the year ahead. In the space of four days, more than 2,300 small business owners told us about their investment intentions, turnover expectations and also their views on the upcoming general election. What we discovered is that small businesses are resilient and are continuing to go for growth, unfazed by the uncertainty caused by last year’s referendum result and the snap election. Read the full results on our blog.