Your May Investor’s Impact – Lending Impact and Borrower Stories

May investor impact
We’re looking at some of the success stories from recent borrowers and how your lending has helped them achieve their goals.

Dive in below to find out how your lending helped The Naked Marshmallow Company access finance to grow, and get ready for festival season with 5 camping essentials from Funding Circle borrowers.

In last month’s post, we interviewed husband and wife team David and Angie Cusworth who run award-winning IT services provider, Firstnet Solutions Ltd. They’re in the process of opening a new data centre in Yorkshire. Meet the couple and hear their story in this short video.

Did you know?
Last week, after battling it out in a gruelling knock out tournament, Funding Circle was crowned Ping Pong Fight Club Champions! Ping Pong Fight Club is a tour de force of inter-company ping pong rivalry, bringing together teams from technology start-ups and global brands to compete for the ultimate prize. Thank you to Pongathon for organising and congratulations to our champion, Luis, and runners up Iwoca pictured below.

Ping pong fight club

A great month for

Marshmalllow infographic

Magnificent marshmallow manufacturer set to expand

Founders Ollie Rendall and Joseph Colson dreamt of starting their own confectionary business while working together on the shop floor of Next. Working out of Ollie’s mum’s kitchen, the friends experimented with all sorts of flavours. Bubblegum and Eton Mess became favourites. The feedback from their families and colleagues was overwhelmingly positive and so The Naked Marshmallow Company was born!
Marshmallow Co

Fast forward 3 years and the business has gone from strength to strength, landing deals with well known high street stores and establishing themselves as pioneers of the gourmet marshmallow market. The pair are tirelessly focused on innovating and bringing unique and sumptuous products to the UK market. They’ve also let Ollie’s mum have her kitchen back!

’The funding will allow us to scale the business further and gear up for what’s likely to be another incredible Christmas. We’re investing in staff and machinery to enable the business to cope with volume and an ever-expanding product range. Our sincere thanks goes to all of the investors who have supported our business.’ To meet demand and buy equipment, The Naked Marshmallow Company in Lincolnshire borrowed £50,000 in May 2017. You can check out their products online here.

Camping essentials
Festival season is fast approaching, so now is the time to ensure you have all your supplies ready to go! Get outdoors with our list of 5 camping essentials, from water bottles to waterproofs, while also supporting amazing local businesses across the country.

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At the beginning of June, we’ll be publishing ‘Your June Review – Insight and Analysis’ which will focus on the numbers and include some helpful tips to help you make the most of your investment.

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