Happy 2017! | Weekly Lending Review

Week 52: 27 – 30 December

Happy New Year! Thanks to your lending, more than 9,900 UK businesses accessed over £800 million through Funding Circle in 2016, in comparison to just over £530 million in 2015.

To put those fantastic figures into context, a report published in 2016 calculated that since 2010 Funding Circle investors have helped:

  • boost economic activity (measured by GVA) by £2.7 billion
  • create over 40,000 jobs
  • build approximately 2,200 family homes

This shows the measurable impact your lending is now having on the UK economy.

Looking ahead to 2017, there are plenty of businesses for you to lend to so keep your eye on the marketplace over the coming days and weeks for lots more lending opportunities.  Thank you for your continued support.

New loans available to you

There are currently 17 loan requests on the marketplace, and thousands of loan parts available for you to buy which will help you become diversified.

The total value of new loans listed on the Funding Circle marketplace was £5,669,434, averaging at £81,314 per loan. The largest loan value was £434,740 and the smallest loan value was £5,125.

Business loans available to bid on:

Gross interest rates are before fees and bad debts. Your actual return may be higher or lower as by lending to businesses, your capital is at risk.

Weekly marketplace trends

These graphs show the most recent activity on the marketplace.

The average gross yield graph is reported weekly and shows a rolling two week average of gross yields. This calculation assumes you reinvest your interest each month and therefore includes the compound interest you earn (The calculation is AGY = (1 + (two week rolling weighted average rate/12))^12 – 1). You can view the latest gross interest rates accepted on the marketplace on our statistics page.

Weekly average gross yield (2 weeks rolling)

WLR 52 yield

Number of loans, value of loans and amount lent are reported weekly.

Number of listed loans per week

WLR loans listed 52

Listed loan value per week

WLR loan value 52

Total amount lent

WLR amount lent 52

Loan parts available to buy from other investors

WLR loan parts 52

News you should know

The government-owned British Business Bank is now lending a further £40 million directly to small businesses through Funding Circle. Read the announcement to find out more.

There were no loans defaulted over Christmas week

Enjoy lending, the Funding Circle team

Rob McCorquodale