New iPad iOS app available to download today!

We’re excited to announce that from today, you can download the refreshed Funding Circle iPad iOS app for free from the App Store.

The new app has been completely redesigned for investors to bring it up-to-date and in line with our mobile iOS app. We’ve also made a few minor changes and bug fixes to the iPhone app, which you can find out more about in ‘Updates’.

The new iPad app enables you to:

  • Keep track of your account more easily with a new summary dashboard
  • Easily find the information you’re searching for with simplified navigation
  • Keep your account safe with passcode and Touch ID security, without the hassle of repeated sign-in
  • Quickly identify what’s changed on the marketplace, with highlighting for loans you haven’t seen before

Screenshot of your new summary

Summary view

Please note the app is currently only available for existing Funding Circle investors. If you’re not registered, you can sign up today and lend alongside 50,000 investors supporting small businesses across the UK. Use our investor information guide to help you get started. There are thousands of loans which you can be a part of, making it quick and easy to build a diversified portfolio. Remember, by lending to businesses your capital is at risk.

Interested in using the iPad app?

If you’d like to use the iOS app you can download it for free from the App Store. For those who used the first version, we hope you’ll notice a real improvement in performance and usability.

Enjoy lending,

The Funding Circle team


Rob McCorquodale


14 thoughts on “New iPad iOS app available to download today!

  1. It’s all very well crowing about a new app for ‘i-anything’ users but isn’t it about time that Funding Circle made an app available for Android users? There are at least as many of us as there are of them you realise?
    I asked about this 2 years ago and was told that it would be coming soon – instead of which you update the ‘i-anything’ app and leave Android users still with nothing.

    • Hi Ray, thanks for getting in touch. We would like to be able to cater for both major operating systems, however as our research found the majority of our users use iOS we have concentrated on that for now.

      Although there are no set plans in the short term, we would like to be able to develop an app for Android in the future, and we are aware of the demand for it.


      The Funding Circle Team

      • That’s such a lame response!
        You say that you would ‘like’ to cater for both major (there are only two) operating systems and have ‘research’ to back up the lack of action – I really have to question that! If the Funding Circle population differs greatly from the world at large in their choice of smart phone I would be very surprised indeed – you are saying that the majority of Funding Circle members are a bunch of i-sheep – sorry I don’t believe you!
        The lack of an Android app is down to a conscious decision on your part to just ignore the wants and needs of Android users.

        • That article shows market shares for UK smartphone sales in Q4 2015 as Android 51.9%, iOS 38.6%, Windows 9.2%.

          Since iPhones used to be the most expensive phones on the market, and probably have a higher market share of high-end tablet sales than smartphone sales, it’s certainly possible that FC users have a higher proportion of iOS users. I’d be surprised if it’s a lot more than 50% though, and it certainly seems strange that an iOS app was launched in December 2013, and Android users are still waiting.

          • ‘our research found the majority of our users use iOS’ – and how exactly have you researched how many people use Android when there is no Android app they are able to use…? If this is taken purely from the website data and how many browser hits are from Android users, this again is likely to be biased data – have you ever tried to use the site from a small screen phone? It is in no way optimised for that and so is unusable. I actively avoid looking at the site using my phone because of it.

            One way of ensuring that the majority of users use iOS – make it as frustrating as possible for anyone on Android!

  2. Agree with others. I recently completed a FC survey. One question was “Why don’t you use the app?” I answered “because I use the Android OS”.

  3. I limit how much I lend to each borrower, whether it has one loan or multiple loans. Does the ne App allow me easily to see how much in outstanding loans I have made to a borrower when it has a new loan request? If not, can you please add this feature. Also, how can I monitor exposure by borrower?

  4. The new Atom bank has achieved both operating systems so it is possible and they are just evolving . FC has been around long enough to cater for the Android system, just needs to cater for all their customers.

  5. Although Apple and it’s flock seem to think that the world revolves around them Android users are often not catered for. I totally agree with the majority of comments below. Very lame reply from FC mod to Ray’s comments. FC pull your finger out and launch an Android app asap!!! Surely not that difficult or expensive to an innovative company like yourselves. Strange decision to cater for the minority rather than the majority

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