Award-winning week! Weekly Lending Review

Week 12: 16 – 20 March 2015

Last week we were delighted to win Best Alternative Funding Provider at the 2015 Business Moneyfacts Awards, the largest business finance awards in the UK, held in London. We’re proud to have also won this award in 2012 and 2013, and be highly commended in 2014.

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New loans available to you

There are currently 67 loan requests on the marketplace which are all available for you to lend to.

The total value of new Funding Circle loans was £8,662,700, averaging at £62,000 per loan. The largest loan value was £263,160 and the smallest loan value was £6,000.

Business loans still available for bidding on for the next 3 days or more:

Weekly marketplace trends

These graphs show the most recent activity on the marketplace. The average gross yield graph is reported weekly and shows a rolling two week average of gross yields. This calculation assumes you reinvest your interest each month and therefore includes the compound interest you earn. Number of loans, value of loans and amount lent are reported weekly. The dates on the graph should be read as ‘week beginning’, for example: 16-Mar represents the week of 16th – 20th March 2015.

Weekly average gross yield (2 weeks rolling)


Number of listed loans per week


Listed loan value per week


Total amount lent


Loan parts available to buy from other investors



Easter Eggs from your favourite Funding Circle businesses

Spring has sprung at Funding Circle. Make sure its a cracking Easter by showing your support to small businesses across the country. Whether you are organising an egg hunt or buying treats for friends and family, we’ve put together a selection of marketplace treats to suit all budgets. Read about Tasty Funding Circle Easter Treats on the blog.

Providing more information around defaulted loans

If you have any defaulted loans you may have noticed that we now apply a RAG (Red, Amber, Green) rating system, also known as a Traffic Light system, in the Loan Comments on your dashboard. The purpose of the new system is to help you assess the quality of your defaulted loans, and your expected return over a certain period of time.

Loans defaulted last week

Steel provider. Loan 5934. Risk band A

This North West business has been incorporated since 1947 and is in liquidation. All affected investors have been notified.

Print management provider. Loan 2903. Risk band C

This Northampton business has been running since 2001 and is in liquidation. All affected investors have been notified.

Professional service provider. Loan 1467. Risk band A

This West Sussex business was established in 1976 and is in liquidation. All affected investors have been notified.

Our collections and recoveries team are working to recover the outstanding amounts for all of these loans.

Enjoy lending, The Funding Circle Team


Rob McCorquodale


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  1. Chart ‘Loan parts available to buy from other investors’ appears to be in error. Right-most column shows as 484.7 (£000s) but is higher than the column next to it which shows as 610.4 (£000s)

  2. The “Loan parts available to buy from other investors” is nice to see, but much more interesting (in parallel) would be “Loan parts bought from other investors”. The “Available” graph is hugely skewed by Property loan parts, relatively few of which actually get bought!

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