Moo Free Chocolates is exporting worldwide

Moo Free launched at the end of 2010 and was founded by husband and wife team, Mike and Andrea Jessop. Moo Free manufactures dairy-free chocolate from their base in Reading, and in the 4 years they’ve been running, they’ve won multiple awards and now export their products internationally.

Mike and Andrea were unable to find any chocolate which was suitable for them: nothing on the market was dairy or gluten free. After witnessing this gap in the market first-hand, they embarked on a 2 year journey to make a chocolate product, that tasted like real milk chocolate, but with no dairy or gluten.

In this short video you’ll hear Mike and Andrea’s inspirational story, of how they built their business from scratch to being a global dairy-free chocolate manufacturer .

Mike: “The difference people make [by lending to us] is massive.”

Moo Free borrowed £85,000 from 844 people in 2013. To find out more about applying for a loan, please visit our business page.


Jack Pritchett

Senior Communications Manager


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  1. As I sit here chomping on my bar of Moo Free chocolate I can fully endorse the product and am so glad I was able to invest in something close to my heart!

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