Summer promotion: share £100 cashback! Weekly Lending Review

Week 27: 30 June – 6 July 2014

Summer is here and to celebrate, we’re running a special recommend a friend promotion. If you recommend a friend to Funding Circle during July and August and they lend at least £1,000 to businesses, you could share £100 cashback* with them. Start recommending today!

There are currently 50 lending opportunities available to you, including a property investment loan for £520,000 that’s currently on the marketplace with 2% cashback available on every successful bid.

New loans

There were 77 new business loans listed last week and there are currently 60 auctions on the marketplace.

The total value of the new listed loans was £4,266,320; that’s an average of £55,407 per loan. The largest loan value was £220,000 and the smallest loan value was £5,000.

Business loans still available for bidding on for the next 3 days or more:

Weekly marketplace trends

These graphs show the most recent activity on the marketplace. The average gross yield graph is reported weekly and shows a rolling two week average of gross yields. This calculation assumes you reinvest your interest each month and therefore includes the compound interest you earn. Number of loans and value of loans are reported weekly. The dates on the graph should be read as ‘week beginning’, for example: 30-Jun represents the week of 30th June – 6th July.

Weekly average gross yield (2 weeks rolling)


Number of listed loans per week


Listed loan value per week


News you should know

Last month’s top industry news

In this month’s news roundup, we announced our partnership with Santander, the largest global peer-to-peer lender, and a consultation into the peer-to-peer ISA.

Keep lending using our iOS App

We’ve just updated our iOS app to allow you to transfer funds into your Funding Circle account, so you’ll never miss out on an auction again. If you haven’t got the app yet you can download it here. Happy bidding!

Loans defaulted last week

No loans were defaulted.

Enjoy lending, The Funding Circle Team


Jack Pritchett

Senior Communications Manager