Video: Did you help a 40 year old yarn business expand and modernise?

Texere Yarns is based in Bradford and supplies knitting wool and yarns in a range of fibres, textures and colours for textile crafts. The business began about 40 years ago, and ‘texere’ means ‘to weave’ in latin.

In January, they took out a business loan through Funding Circle which was funded by 624 people and organisations across the UK, including the University of Huddersfield, where all of the interest earned goes towards a student scholarship programme. The loan will help Texere Yarns expand and modernise their operations.

In this video you’ll meet Managing Director, Guy Richardson, and hear first-hand about how the business has grown over four decades and why they chose Funding Circle.


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3 thoughts on “Video: Did you help a 40 year old yarn business expand and modernise?

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  2. Texere has since notified us that they are now ‘out of business’ per email received today. Strange this went so quickly.

  3. They held a “half price sale” the week they went under. There are over 300 orders paid for but unfulfilled as yet. Some customers have had an email saying the orders should still be received, albeit late delivery so they are obviously trying to ensure their customers don’t lose money but raise as much money as they can to pay creditors.

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