Introducing the Funding Circle iPhone app

We’re excited to announce that from today, you’ll be able to download the Funding Circle App to use on your iPhone.

The app, free to download from the App store, will allow you to bid when you’re on the move, help you keep track of all of your bids and notify you when loan requests you’re interested in are coming to an end.

As well as this, there are some useful features like the auto login, which means you don’t have to login to your account every time you open the app on your phone. Safety is important to us which is why you can’t deposit or withdraw funds using the app, so if your phone was to get into the wrong hands, you can rest assured that your money is safe.

You may ask, why have we chosen Apple’s iOS over Android for our first app? The reason is simple: our usage data shows that visits from iOS devices, including iPhone and iPad, outweigh Android users significantly, specifically by 7 to 1 for the whole of October. That said, we do have a desire to launch an Android app, and the iPad App will be released shortly.

As this is the first version of the app, you may notice some features missing that you would expect to be in here. We will continue to add functionality with every release and we’d appreciate your input on what you think would be important to include in future releases.

The app is also intended for existing Funding Circle investors only, so if you haven’t yet created an account to lend to businesses, you can so do here.

The guide below shows you the key sections of the Funding Circle App. Don’t worry, it is really easy to use and and you’ll soon be making and tracking bids whenever and wherever you like.










 Download the Funding Circle App.

Jack Pritchett

Senior Communications Manager


16 thoughts on “Introducing the Funding Circle iPhone app

  1. Just searched for it in the App Store and no matches found for ‘Funding Circle’. When will it actually be there – thanks, Paul

  2. If you are searching on an iPad then make sure it isn’t just searching for iPad apps. It seems that this is specifically an iPhone app, so it doesn’t show up if you are searching iPad only.

  3. On the illustrations above, money amounts seem to have acquired an extra decimal place, e.g. £20.000 which looks a little odd.

      • I for one would add my voice to the request for Android. How do you know the vast majority are iOS users?

        • Hi Mark. Here’s a screenshot from our analytics programme showing that the biggest user groups are iOS. This meant we

          • (I know that post is from a long time ago, but there’s still no Android app)

            Those figures seem a bit unlikely, even taking into account the fact that all iOS devices have been grouped together as iPad or iPhone, whereas Android devices seem to have been separated by model.

            Could you tell us how the analytics programme works, and what the actual split was/is between iOS and Android? Do you just look at website visits from mobile browsers?

  4. I have downloaded the app and am using it. At the moment there appears to be a number of bugs. In the section Business profile: Why are we safe? I am seeing the answer to the question What is the loan for? repeated. Also the Key Financial figures look strange, for example Gross profit comes up as £0.

  5. Unfortunately there appear to be a few bugs still. It keeps telling me that the server requires me to log on, while nonetheless displaying all my details and the details of current live auctions behind the splash screen. Worried about security.

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