Welcome to the new Funding Circle blog

We’re excited to present to you the new Funding Circle blog!

Maintaining transparency and an open dialogue with our investors and businesses will always be a key priority at Funding Circle. We know that regular updates, communication and information help you to be more effective and successful within the marketplace.

Over the past few years, the blog has become one of the go-to channels for our community to catch up and comment on the latest happenings at Funding Circle. We’ve received a lot of suggestions from many of you about what kind of content you’d like to see on the blog which has helped us define and grow the relevance and volume of our communications.

The new blog not only looks great (we hope you agree!) on the surface, but it is very powerful and flexible under the hood which will help us serve your information needs better. The design also works hard to highlight some of the amazing businesses on Funding Circle, helping tell their story and giving a sneak peak into the businesses that the investors among you have helped to grow and flourish.

We truly hope you find the new blog to be helpful and informative. It is, after all, here to serve you.

Enjoy watching and reading! The Funding Circle team.



Jack Pritchett

Senior Communications Manager