Providing you with more information about the businesses you lend to

From today, all registered investors will be able to download a new and improved version of the loan book from the statistics page. Having received feedback from you, our investor community, about making borrower information more accessible after auctions close, we have added the following categories to the loan book:

  1. Business type

  2. Loans outstanding

  3. Turnover

  4. Profit after tax

  5. Total assets

  6. Shareholder funds

  7. Credit score (n.b this is not applicable for non-limited companies)

  8. Year incorporated

  9. Asset security

This information will be displayed in bands, eg. in the case of turnover, the 4 bands are as follows: £1.5M+, £700k-£1.5M, £350k-£700k and £0-£350k.

It’s important to remember that this information is taken from when the business took out a loan and is not updated over time. The financials are from the latest filed accounts (at the time of application) in the case of limited companies, and the equivalent in the case of non-limited companies.

We hope that by becoming more transparent and providing you with easy access to this information, investors will have the tools to make more informed lending decisions going forward.

The Funding Circle team


Jack Pritchett

Senior Communications Manager


One thought on “Providing you with more information about the businesses you lend to

  1. Why have you deliberately hidden the true credit scores for those businesses with the weakest figures by using a 0-70 band, along with 70-80, 80-90, 90+? It reeks of obfuscation, not transparency.

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