4 top tips for growing your small business from a fellow business owner

In our latest business advice video, Michael Kain, Managing Director of Bramley and Gage, shares with us his 4 top tips for growing a small business. Having taken over his family business, which produces fruit liqueurs, Michael has grown Bramley and Gage from strength to strength by expanding into new product areas. Their 6 O’Clock gin is now supplied in Waitrose stores nationwide, and their fruit liqueurs have won numerous awards.

 His 4 tips are:

  1. Manage your cashflow and know what things cost
  2. Look on eBay to make sure you get the cheapest price
  3. Product development is key
  4. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes – learn from them

Watch the video for more detail on each tip.

Bramley and Gage borrowed £25k in May from 248 people through Funding Circle to buy a new gin still, allowing them to increase capacity. If you’re looking for business finance, find out how your business loan could be funded by people across the UK.

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Jack Pritchett

Senior Communications Manager