More businesses to lend to with our new risk band

Following the successful launch of C band loans in September 2011, we are introducing a fifth risk band, which will increase the number and variety of businesses available on Funding Circle for you to lend to. You can expect to see some of these new rated loans on the marketplace from tomorrow.

We are introducing this new risk band because we want to support even more British businesses to sidestep the banks and access the finance they need to grow. It will also offer an attractive risk-return profile for investors with the minimum bid rate for C- band loans being set at 11.5%, and the expected annualised bad debt rate is 5%. Read more about expected annualised bad debt rate and how to manage your risk.

Having a new risk band will naturally change a few things when it comes to lending through Funding Circle, so here’s a quick checklist of what to consider when making your lending decisions:

  • If you currently have Autobid turned on, it will not bid on loan requests in the new C- risk band. If you want to allow Autobid to bid on C- borrowers, you will need to log into your account on or after Wednesday 10th July 2013 and simply turn Autobid off and then on again and this will automatically include C- band.
  • If you are a new investor and have not yet turned Autobid on, loans in the C- band will be included when you turn your Autobid on. If you do not want to lend to C- band businesses, go to Advanced Settings on the Autobid tab.
  • Loans in the C- risk band will initially have a minimum bid rate of 11.5% to reflect the higher level of risk. The estimated annualised bad debt rate is 5%.
  • Remember all businesses listed, including those with C- risk bands, are required to have maintained a good credit score, have at least 2 years filed accounts, have no county court judgements (CCJs) over £250 and pass Funding Circle’s full credit assessment. As with all loans, businesses allocated to the C- risk band must demonstrate that the loan is affordable.
  • Similar to loans in other risk bands, in almost all circumstances a personal guarantee will be requested for C- band borrowers which will be clearly shown on the loan request page.

We are excited to grow the marketplace by providing even more lending opportunities for investors, allowing them to earn attractive returns and support British businesses.

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Jack Pritchett

Senior Communications Manager